About us

We started in 2010, when the boom of the Montenegrin real estate market was already long gone, and the world economic crisis burdening the present. With only two employees we asked for our place on the economic map of Montenegro, sure of only one thing - that this unique place under the sun must recognize others and want to share it with us.

Selflessly we have invested in ourselves - our knowledge, energy, youth, and the first results were incentives to continue.

The following years brought growth, behind which stood a large commitment of the team that is growing bigger every year.

Now here we are, with the best team and the best quality services at your service in Montenegro.

  • Podgorica, 44540€
  • Podgorica, 45440€
  • Podgorica, 65790€
  • Podgorica, 66690€
  • Podgorica, 69210€
  • Podgorica, 86250€
  • Podgorica, 93420€