FOUR BEDROOM DUPLEX, 124.93m2, ACTION 1199 € / m2

Price : 149.791 EUR


Ref No. 21840
Type: Flat
No of rooms: Four bedrooms
Location: Podgorica , ,
Floor: 9
Status of construction: Under construction


Four bedroom duplex under construction, 124.93m2, floor 9th Master Quart.


The new concept that pushes the boundaries of luxury in new construction and opens a new chapter of housing in Montenegro is called the Master Quart.

Every detail has been planned to create a peaceful, comfortable and safe environment for future residents and their families, and to ensure the highest level of comfort and functionality of the living space.

The location is extremely well connected with other parts of the city and with all important city amenities and is in the immediate vicinity of the central shopping zone in Podgorica, recreational and entertainment facilities, as well as schools, faculties, banks, institutions and the like.

Several thousand square meters of green space inside and around the building, with carefully selected types of lower plants, ornamental flowers and trees, will further contribute to the quality of life of each resident of this complex individually, as well as to the overall housing culture.

Completion of Phase I of the complex is planned for August 2021.



Investor Master ING, BEMAX contractor

Tamara Pavicevic
+382 69 372 116
Vladimir Dulovic
+382 69 372 007
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